About Our Translations

Experienced in-house translators under the supervision of Dr. Jessie Grace Rubrico.

What is JuanTranslate?

JuanTranslate is a team led by Dr. Jessie Grace Rubrico who, along with several other experienced translators, have been in the translation industry for decades. Dr. Jessie spearheaded the development of JuanTranslate to provide professionally translated services for Philippine languages that is focused on quality. Something which has been lacking for quite some time in the industry.


The Process

Each translation request goes through a process unique to JuanTranslate. Not only are translations inspected but they also go through a linguist who understands the nuances of the target language better. Our chief linguist, Dr. Rubrico has been in the forefront of Philippine Linguistics and is considered the premier Cebuano Linguist.





From your translation request all the way to your translated text we are committed to providing you with quality translations backed with decades of experience from our staff.

Our brand is your assurance! Our experience is your guarantee.